Heya Guys! Time to Check In!

Heyas! Ok, so I'm just as sad about this place dying as you guys. I swear. So how's everyone been?
  • It's summer, so I'm having fun being an absolute Baseball Nerd
  • I'm taking O. Chem in summer session. OMG, It gives me a headache
  • I saw OotP three times in 72 hours and loved it. It keeps much of the dark integrity of the book even if it couldn't keep all the details that made it special for the hard core fans
  • I bawled my eyes out over Deathly Hallows; Gred and Forge were my absolute facourite characters ever and well, y'know
  • I loved the book and have very few theories, a few questions, and tons to say
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Oh everyone, I'm terribly sorry!
I've been completely busy.
And I see that everyone's been trying to start it up again.
I don't think Isabel has been on since '06.
did anyone see where she went?
She was a really good member.
And so was everyone else!
I hope you still are.
So if you're alive..or watching this community,
Just Please leave a comment,
or something.
You all are lovely people.

Oh yeah, i love Hermione! ;)

P.S. I am so up for DH discussion. *^_^*

Hey kiddies!

I'm baaaack! I'm moved into school. It's hilarious, I had to arrange what books to bring around my Harry Potter books because those always come to school with me. What about you guys? When do you guys move in? Harley, you 'round campus? I start class tomorrow so I'll be around more. My room's freeeezing! *teeth chatters* But what's evryone been doin'? I went to NYC last weekend with my dad to catch a baseball game. Was teh awesome. Lots o' teh baseball. Actually, since my room's so cold, I need to get a new hoodie this weekend since I only brought one. I'm not going home for a while and I sleep in this thing I'm so close to the AC so it's gonna get dirty. On that vein, anyone know retailers othern' Hottopic that would sell HP merch? Ok, wow, I ramble when I'm not tired. Anyways, hope everyone's having a great trek back to the grindstone of school and that we can all hang out here more than we have a chance. See ya guys, KIT!

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I think I figured something out...

    You know why I like this place so much? Even though we're technically a Harry Potter oriented group, we don't mind actually getting personal. We get 'off-topic' and talk about not just Harry Potter but us as people which makes this a lot more fun than the impersonal wanting to plug their fics and icons 'snap at you if it's not Harry Potter news' type people in other comms. *coughMuggle_netcough* This is not meant as a bashing post of other groups, but just my happiness at finding a fun place that I hope never dies. We're all busy with summer jobs, but as school starts up and puts us in front of our computers, we can come and post here to stay the progress of actual homework. I know I'll be back  online more than I have been as I come off the full-time listing this Wendsday (send me good karma; I'll need it to schlepp through the next three days of hell). I hope that the case is simillar for all of you guys and we can all have an explosion of activity. Of course, some Harry Potter news wouldn't hurt either... ;)
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New Here?

Bonjour, bonjourno, konnichiwa, ohayou, nihou, ciao....etc....

My name is ??? Sam! (You can call me Harley, if you'd prefer. Some call it an obsession, I call it enthusiasm.) I was strolling along (metaphorically, I hope) LJ, looking for groups with similar interests to my own. And I found this lil nifty Hermione group, and I wanted to join, so I did, and I am rather pleased to see that there appear to be *gasp* other North Georgia students here. So hello! And to put my 2 cents (did you here they're going to discontinue the penny!! That phrase cliche will be useless soon!) in about Hermione:

When I first read the books, I thought that Hermione was very much like myself...except at the time I was goth, and she wasn't. As I grew out of my black clothes and into slightly less dark clothes, I realized that she is a littler bit more studious than me, and she is the kind of student I try to rival...she sometimes makes me jealous. I wish I could make all O's on my OWLs...but...oh wait...I mean A's and my exams. <.< >.> And I used to, but then I stopped, like, applying myself once I got into college. I plan to get back on the wagon soon enough, though. But I digress. I think Hermione would make a great Minister of Magic...and what not. Ooh! And you know what would be an interesting twist?? If at the very end of the series, it comes out that Hermione has been writing the whole book to recount the history of Harry Potter...but that wouldn't be very like her, so maybe not.

Okay then. I'm supposed to be making sure people don't steal things (I'm watching them!!!)...and should probably get back to that.

-Sam/Harley Quinn

OH! and P.S. GO ON THE DATE!! It's the perfect excuse to be with the person you like!!